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A-England Legacy

A-England Legacy

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Country of Origin: England

Burne-Jones Dream Collection was inspired by the artwork of Edward Burne-Jones based on the tale of Briar Rose more commonly known as Sleeping Beauty. 

Briar Rose polish is a delicate yet rich red-based purple or light berry polish with the ideal amount of scattered holographic nail polish.

Briarwood is a deep vampy red scattered holographic nail polish.

Heavenly Quotes Collection:

And The Moonbeams is a gorgeous gently gold polish with a foil appearance. 

Beauty Never Fails has a deep green base with varying flecks of gold bronze and emerald. 

Love is Enough is a sparkly golden foil look with an olive tone. This polish is gorgeous and gives a different sparkle in different light conditions!

She Walks in Beauty is a gorgeous multifaceted golden and rose glitter polish.

Gothic Beauties Collection:

Lady of Shalott has a lovely blackened base provide a dark and mysterious look. This polish is accented by a fantastic blue glitter that is set in the lovely blackened base.

The Legends Collection:

Ascalon is a smokey dark lilac scattered holographic just on the edge of duochrome with flashes of blue and green blending throughout the very edges. You'll be caught completely unaware by this gorgeous polish and become a willing captive to it's beauty

Dragon is a deep olive green scattered holographic as ferocious in its beauty as the mighty Dragon itself.

Order of the Garter is a bright medium blue glass fleck -- a color worthy of the highest honor a knight is bestowed

Princess Sabra is a dark green-based gold scattered holographic that will capture you and hold you prisoner just as Princess Sabra was held by the Dragon. 

Saint George is a dark teal scattered holographic whose murky color hearkens to the lake where St George fought victoriously against the dragon.

The Mythicals Collection:

Avalon is an intriguing duochromatic purple that shifts to pink and blue -- as beautiful and mysterious as the place Arthur and his Knights called home. 

Camelot is an intriguing duochromatic purple that shifts to pink and blue -- as beautiful and mysterious as the place Arthur and his Knights called home. 

Excalibur Reborn is a metallic silver who has no rival and has no equal--there is only one Excalibur. 

Galahad is a gorgeous dusty teal blue crème you won't have to search all over for as Galahad did in his search for the Holy Grail. 

Guinevere is an unassuming deep lavender crème. On the surface she seems innocent but look further and her true beauty captures the attention of those who wish to win her hand. 

Holy Grail (Revamped) is a rich glistening darker metallic gold that captures your eye and speaks to you as the Chalice did to Galahad. 

King Arthur is a stunning steel grey with a glistening of pink and green a hero of legend. 

Lancelot is a Deep blackened red.

Tristam is a deep slate blue scattered holographic polish which you'll love as deeply as Tristam loved Iseult.

13mL bottle. These polishes are mostly discontinued and may not be available from the maker. Each bottle has been stored temperature controlled, in light blocking containers and each bottle is checked for proper consistency before shipment! Enjoy virtual dusty hunting for these discontinued gems! 

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