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Ninja Polish

Dragon Collection - Ninja Polish

Dragon Collection - Ninja Polish

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Enter into the realm of multi-chromatic glitter nail polish. From the great Hydra to modest Chameleon, you will find an array of intense color-shifting glitter polishes for any occasion. These polishes can look amazing on their own, however I personally enjoy them over a nice black base coat! 

Basilisk - Color shifting glitter that can resemble scales of the mighty Basilisk with colors ranging from green to gold to bronze depending on lighting and angle. Very similar to Hits Borealis but denser glitter in a larger bottle.

Chameleon - Just like the amazing creature, this glitter polish will shift in colors ranging from  violet, purple, blue, copper...hint of orange. I've been told it makes the perfect Halloween topper over black! Very similar to Hits Afterglow but denser glitter in a larger bottle.

Enter the Dragon - An intense mix of multiple color shifting glitters creating an explosion of chaos on your nails. If you are a fan of OPI Mad as a Hatter this is similar in theory but more intense in reality!! Come down the rabbit hole with me...we are all a little mad down here ;)

Hydra - Take a trip to the depths of the waters with me to experience the intense purple, blue, green color shifts of the Hydra! Who needs 9 heads when you have 10 fingers to show off this color intense glitter polish! Very similar to Hits Moonbow but denser glitter in a larger bottle.

Komodo - Don't let the venomous bite of this polish scare you! You will fall in love with the Red, Orange, Gold color shift glitter of this polish, especially over black base coat! Very similar to Hits Air Glow but denser glitter in a larger bottle

Stock photos courtesy of Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom and The Pointless Café. Thank you!

Ninja Polishes are hand mixed by myself, not in a lab. They come in 15mL bottles with a wide professional brush. They are cruelty free, vegan, and 5-free. This means they are free of Formaldehyde (Formalin/Methylene Glycol)Formaldehyde Resin (Tosylamide)CamphorTolueneDibutyl Phthalate. My bottles were printed 4-free before the information became well known about Formldehyde Resin, however they have always been 5-free...even before I knew it was a thing ;)

Please note that due to differences in monitors and graphics settings, the polishes can appear slightly different in person on some occasion. Take this into consideration when purchasing. I am working to add as many different photos and views from various bloggers and in different lighting to help provide you with the best shopping experience.

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