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Ninja Polish

Facets Collection - Ninja Polish

Facets Collection - Ninja Polish

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Ninja Polish Facets collection multi-chromatic, color-shifting pigmented glitter nail lacquers. They are best worn over dark base colors to make the color shifting pigment and glitters pop in the brilliance in which they were intended. To set this polish collection apart from others similar, color-shifting polishes, it also contains very fine and special glitter. This glitter not only provides some magnificent sparkle to your nails but also in tandem with the polish it shifts in color!

Alexandrite gemstone is known as the "Emerald by day and Ruby by night" due to how it shifts its coloration based on surrounding lighting. However if you have seen an Alexandrite the ruby shift color is often a magenta with glints of purple. The green to purple shift of this polish can only be represented by this captivating gemstone. 

Alexandrite is ideal over dark colors especially a dark purple and shows its truest colors over black. A single coat over black will transform your nail into an exhibition of colors that will hypnotize you. From a deep emerald green shifting into the deepest sapphire and continuing on into a sparkling purple.  When your polish appears a deep emerald green the glitter will also sparkle with a magnificent green sparkle. As you shift to the blue/purple spectrum the glitter then bursts into a fantastic purple sparkle. These glitters are spectacular at picking up even the softest light in the room and causing your nails to alight with beauty.  

Color Changing Garnet does not have a flashy, exciting name but it can not be discounted as it is gorgeous. This gemstone shifts magnificently from a green to gold to red -- the shifting in this gemstone will keep you captivated! This polish starts off in a rich copper red and shifts to a rich emerald green. The accent of glitters that shift with it is stunning. Ideal over black for its truest color however placing it over a dark vampy red is truly outstanding! Best worn over black base coat.

Zultanite is not well known but is rare & phenomenal. The gemstone is a soft gold that shifts to an amazing green. In honor of this gemstone we have a polish with equal beauty. This polish is also ideal over black to show its truest coloration but is truly amazing over a dark brown. The gold shifts through to an amazingly bright green. Again this polish is accented with amazing glitter that shifts right along with the polish. The sparkle and color shift of the glitters adds the most amazing brilliance to the polish and lives up to its name. 

Stock images courtesy of The Pointless Café, Thank you!

Ninja Polishes are hand mixed by myself, not in a lab. They come in 15mL bottles with a wide professional brush. They are cruelty free, vegan, and 5-free. This means they are free of Formaldehyde (Formalin/Methylene Glycol)Formaldehyde Resin (Tosylamide)CamphorTolueneDibutyl Phthalate. My bottles were printed 4-free before the information became well known about Formldehyde Resin, however they have always been 5-free...even before I knew it was a thing ;)

Please note that due to differences in monitors and graphics settings, the polishes can appear slightly different in person on some occasion. Take this into consideration when purchasing. I am working to add as many different photos and views from various bloggers and in different lighting to help provide you with the best shopping experience.

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