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Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale

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Country of Origin: Australia

Femme Fatale is a small, home-based business in Queensland, Australia. Operational since 2011, they specialize in cosmetics, nail lacquer and home fragrance. 

Most of these legacy Femme Fatale nail lacquers have sheer jelly, crelly or clear bases. Many swatches are layered over a similar solid color base.

Dreamer’s Potion - mix of silver, pink glitter in a clear shimmery base. The glitters are different shapes and sizes and the base has scattered pink flecks. Layered over CND Blue Rapture. Swatch courtesy of Lucy's Stash
Edge Of The Cosmos - black cherry jelly base with silver holographic and hot pink glitter and tiny holographic particles. Shown layered over Femme Fatale Ruby Hare. Swatch courtesy of Lucy's Stash
Eventide - lime gold, rose, fuchsia flecks, gold, holo, sea green and moss, all in a clear base. Shown layered over gold. Swatch courtesy of More Nail Polish
Hydraxia is a teal blue glitter polish that has teal, turquoise, ocean blue, bright blue and a few flecks of yellow glitters in various shapes and sizes. Shown over teal base color. Swatch courtesy of More Nail Polish
Keeper of the Grove - bright lime green colored jelly base packed full of holographic greens and golds, as well as teal and pink dots and soft pink hearts.  Shown layered over China Glaze Cha cha cha. Swatch courtesy of More Nail Polish
Lime Thief - green crelly base with various glitters, ranging from large matte green hexes to teeny tiny red glitters with a holo flash. Shown layered over  Max Factor Cactus Green. Swatch courtesy of Polished Art'
Mana Ruby - a bright raspberry colored jelly with different sized iridescent blue glitters together with matte red hexes in various sizes.  Swatch courtesy of More Nail Polish
Mercury Rain - black, silver holo, teal and grey glitter in various shapes and sizes and in a clear base. Layered over Cadillacquer Say My Name. Swatch courtesy of Lucy's Stash
Midsummer Petals - matte light pink, metallic bronze and metallic and holographic rose glitters and shimmer in a clear
Mirror Of Dawn - dusty golden green base packed with holographic particles. Mirror Of Dawn is a very unusual dusty olive shade with a strong holo effect. Swatch courtesy of Lucy's Stash
Planar Anomolies - murky base  (sheer crelly, suitable for layering over another shade) with a subtle pink to green shift. Contains an assortment of grey, black, holo, purple, and teal. Swatch courtest of Laugh, Love, Contour
Ruby Hare - red-based purple duochrome base shifting to rose pink with holo effect. Swatch courtesy of Lucy's Stash
Snapevine -  teal crelly base with pink and green-gold glitter. Swatch courtesy of Addicted to Polish.
Spindleweb - dark blue-teal based polish with green shimmer, various hexes in blues, teals, greens, iridescence and holo. One coat layered  over black  (A England Camelot) Swatch courtesy of Lucy's Stash
Spring Fling - medium opacity creme polish speckled with hints of pastel green and aqua, flashes of white diamond and bright pink metallic glitter. Scattered throughout are soft flecks of neon green.
Stonemother's Kiss -  dark inky blue jelly base filled with small indigo glitters, copper and blue hexes, large pink and purple dots and a sprinkling of lavender shards. Swatch courtesy of Manicure Manifesto
Suspended Starlight - Stars and moon glitters. Shown over Sapphire Blue polish. Swatch courtesy of Nail Gun XS
Wild Magic - raspberry jelly packed with red, magenta and blue glitter. Shown layered over OPI Cute Little Vixen. Swatch courtesy of Lucy's Stash
Winter Hyacinth. 2 coats over China Glaze For Audrey except for ring finger which has 4 coats on its own. Swatch courtesy of The Polish Well
Wolfsbane - A deep purple base filled with navy hexes and shreds, flecks of periwinkle and soft blue crescents, and highlighted by a sparse scattering and flashes of red. Swatch courtesy of Lucy's Stash 
World of Shadows -  teal-leaning green jelly filled with glitter. green hexes, white diamond. Swatch courtesy of CopyCatClaws

These handmade polishes are mostly discontinued and may no longer be available from the maker. Each bottle has been stored temperature controlled, in light blocking containers and each bottle is checked for proper consistency before shipment! Enjoy virtual dusty hunting for these discontinued gems! 

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