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Ninja Polish

Floam - Ninja Polish

Floam - Ninja Polish

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Floam® polishes will have complete coverage in two to three coats however can also be used as a layering polish with one coat. Floams are generally a thicker based polish so ensure that you let each coat dry completely, longer than you would other polishes. With topcoat or gelous topper, Floam can have a shiny finish. However this polish dries with a matte finish and the glitter itself does not sparkle.

Floam® will take you back to your childhood in a matter of moments! It has matte neon blue and yellow-green fine glitter in a clear base. Nostalgia city!!!! 

Cupid Floam® has matte red and pink fine glitter in a clear base.

Hanukkah Floam® is part of the 2012 Ninja Polish Holiday collection. As part of the Floam polish family it contains fine blue matte glitters. This Floam has a touch of uniqueness as it also contains silver holographic to celebrate the holiday with traditional colors of Hanukkah! This polish will give you the touch sparkle you need to celebrate 8 days and more! Photos shown layered over Sapphire Dreams

Shamrock Floam® has matte green and white fine glitter in a clear base. This polish is being released in conjunction with not onlly St Patrick's day (fun fun) but also with the theatrical release of Oz the Great and exciting! So get your bottle of Shamrock's magically delicious! Photos shown over black base coat.

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